Why Study at the Stanford University, USA


Why Study at the Stanford University, USA

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Stanford University is one of the most popular university in the USA. It has been ranking consistently high in the research ranking in USA universities’ ranking.


EzoicIt is also one of the most popular destination for international students. Many Indian Chinese and African students come to study science and management courses at the university.


1891 is the year which will be marked down in history to have given birth to Stanford University, a one stop solution for education and research.

EzoicLocated between San Francisco and San Jose in California a well populated state located on the West coast of the United States. Stanford is among the world’s leading research and teaching universities.

It aspires not only to provide education but also to develop individuals who can take forward confidence and leadership qualities as a gift when stepping in the outer world.


Stanford University is known for its excellence in various academic and technical fields and this helps students to gain an insight in education and learn from the diverse experience of handpicked faculty of the university. Jane and Leland Stanford the founders of the University were able to leave behind them a legacy of their entrepreneurial ship which is endured and adopted by each student of the University and further helps in shaping there career in the most successful manner.


Research students can be benefitted through the Stanford University in the most intellectual manner as the facilities provided are immense with latest technology and advance involvement of sciences. The students are given enough space to be innovative and also are encouraged to bring forward there inspirations and develop them into useful information. An estimated budget of 1.35 billion dollars is provided to the University for carrying out more than 5000 approx projects different areas of research. The students are seen being made available with all the available possibilities required for their research project. The independent labs facility takes the 10 percent research credit at Stanford. Around 300 research faculties are present to help 800 students weave their way through research.



Stanford University offers ample courses in diverse fields and this helps in completing every student’s educational needs. Diversity in courses can be seen when Stanford steps ahead and executes undergraduate, graduate and research programs in various fields. Law and medicine also have been given high importance in the course list. Foreign language courses are designed to bring familiarity with the foreign language thus ending language barrier problems.


The other factor that attracts students to the University of Stanford besides excellent education is the campus facilities which are able to provide comfort and involvement during their educational tenure. The University is believed to be build on principles which suggest that faculty and students should live on the campus to extract the maximum from the University. It is a residential University for both students and the faculty. It helps in generating a bond among students and faculty members which stays with them even after the completion of their education.


The University encourages public service through the Haas center which is developed in order to help students engage in programs which can be of high value in community based services which are carried out by students and faculty members. The Stanford Daily is the Stanford newspaper which is managed by student organization and around 625 organized student groups are available at the University. The University supports 44 recognized religious organizations and has 6 cultural centers which are dedicated in developing strong cultural relations bringing diversity in the main focus.

The Stanford library is an attractive place for students who are given an opportunity to expand their knowledge through the medium of 9.3 million physical volumes and around 4 million e-books and audio-visual material which is made available for the students.


Safety can be considered as another plus factor while deciding on zeroing down options to Stanford University. The University campus is equipped with a 24 hours security system which helps in providing safety, security and crime prevention for all students and faculty members across the campus.


Stanford University follows its own traditions that involve the participation of students in freshman year and senior levels to embrace each other and pass on the Stanford legacy from one hand to the other.

The reasons for considering Stanford University can be immense but the main reason to stop searching any further could be the fact that the University in the past122 years has been able to make a name and mark for its quality education and has been able to produce many successful leaders in the world who have gone ahead and excelled in their fields. Stanford University is like a benchmark for success and thus must be among the first options for education.


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