Short Term Courses at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Short Term Courses at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a professional educational institution which provides a gateway to IT industry by learning under the guidance of renowned faculty.  The programs offered by the institute will place students in regular MIT academic courses which focus on industry short courses.


EzoicShort Term Courses was founded in 1949 as MIT Summer Institute and Professional Institute bringing more than 900 participants to the campus. Every year, about 30-40 professionals seek admission for regular MIT courses for one or more semesters through Advance Study Program and Short Program. Some MIT professional Education courses also offers credits, certificates and continuing education units. Besides these courses, MIT does offer specialized education programs.

About Short Term Courses

MIT works on a mission to provide advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. All the programs are taught by MIT faculty who are leaders in their fields from biotechnology to energy to systems engineering.  Students can either go for five days of studying drug delivery with bio-medical engineering professors or a week long course about radar by building and testing your own imaging radar system.

Courses offered in short term are designed to allow participants to absorb working knowledge fast. There can be discussions, readings, interactive-problem solving session and laboratory work. Some students seek admission to learn advances in renewable energy, cyber security, urban mobility, or manufacturing. Others delve into crisis management and data modeling & analysis.

Why Take Up MIT Short Term Courses


EzoicIndividual or organizations taking up these courses can benefit:
There are more than 40 courses in Short Term programs two-to-five day sessions, primarily in the summer.

Different Courses Offered By Topic

-Courses in Development


Subjects in this program includes: BTech/ Pharma, Computing/Networks/Communications/ Energy/Sustainability/ Nanotech and System Engineering. 

-Custom Course Offerings

Subjects offered in this course are: BTech/Crises Management/Data Modeling & Analysis/ High-Speed Imaging/Leadership/Nanotech and System Engineers.

Learning From Leaders

All the courses in Short Term Program are taught by executives, managers and practitioners coming from worldwide.  Professionals can spend 5 days studying controlled-release drug delivery with the biomedical engineering professor who invented it. One can even focus on week learning about radar and testing its system.

MIT Short Term Programmes For Individuals

MIT also offers short term programmes for individuals in fields like science, engineering and technology. Individuals while working can get into this short programme to take the profession a step ahead.  Benefits for Individuals:

-Learn from Academic Leaders
-Explore Emerging Technologies
-Gain Strategic Perspective
-Make the MIT Experience your own 

MIT Short Term For Organizations

The MIT course for organization is designed to provide individual with training and develop fresh perspectives with personal connections. Organizations also help employees to get into the programmes and bring long-term business benefits to the enterprise.  MIT Professional Education works across MIT’s five schools to create multidisciplinary learning options that range from individual employee’s exploration of new technologies.

Benefits To Organizations

-Top MIT faculties teach every course to employees
-Employees are taught with material having direct application
-Employees stay connected to emerging industry trends and subject matter experts 


The basic fees of MIT Short Programs is $1600 to $4,500 per course (housing and meals not included)


Students taking up MIT short programs can arrange their stay at the hotel nearby. Housing and meal is not included in hotels.

Travel Information

All short programs are offered on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT Professional Education follows the U.S. State Department guidelines, which state that Short Programs participants, if they require a visa, need a tourist visa, not a student visa.


Individual and working employees can get into MIT short programs to get ahead in the business for successful career. The entire program is designed to give a flare idea of the field and get into new directions.

EzoicGo in detail of MIT Short Programs.


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