Scholarship Motivation Letter: An Important Step of the Application Procedure


Scholarship Motivation Letter: An Important Step of the Application Procedure

» » Scholarship Motivation Letter: An Important Step of the Application Procedure

Motivation letter is the fundamental key which the individual seeks for scholarship fund presents to the authorities. It is a brief introduction about him or her and contains the aim of sending the application. In many cases it has been seen that the bodies that offer scholarships request for an overview in the form of a motivation letter instead of a formal proposal. It is a sort of personal essay which introduces the person seeking scholarship fund to the entity offering it.


EzoicAmongst the important keys and guidelines for writing a winning scholarship motivation letter few of them are listed below. We divide the process of writing a scholarship motivation letter into three parts.

-The first part is the initial process that is the preparation required before writing the letter.
-The second part incorporates points to be considered while writing
-The third part is the final part of proof reading and cross-checking your work for any mistakes committed.


EzoicTo make your application powerful, you need to do a little bit of brain exercise or what we call brainstorming. Decide upon a letter that speaks volumes of your expertise and qualities is the primary task. It should be convincing upon the points and qualities which the entity is expecting in the awardees. It must create an instant effect on the person reading it. To the best of your ability, your application should be of the type that it clearly demonstrates your accuracy, efficiency and sense of responsibility.

Brainstorming clearly means answering the two questions namely, ‘why should you be shortlisted’ and ‘why do you want to fetch this scholarship’. The answers to these questions to a large extent are adequate enough to secure the scholarship for you. Write about your skills and activities that give you a better edge over other applications.


Your application should present you as a person who has the ability to plan, organize, decide, scrutinize, communicate and research. Therefore share all those experiences which showcase your leadership skills.


After deciding upon the outline of your scholarship motivation letter, the most important step of writing begins. Your writing should be precise to the point, brief and impactful. Being brief nevertheless means being so shallow that you miss upon the important points in your letter. Keep the purpose of writing in mind, and cleverly answer the questions. Remember that the questions however are not as simple and direct as they look to be. Analyze them properly and take a convincing approach of writing.

Questions such as what subject are you willing to study should be answered in a manner that presents you to be the best candidate who could work up to the expectations of the reader if he /she gets the scholarship.


Your paragraphs of the letter should be connected and properly linked with the introduction. Be precise and exact about your selection. Your letter is your representative in the hands of reader. He judges you according to your writing as he doesn’t know who you are or the way you think. A best letter is the one which is comprehensive, not too long and clear.

Tone of Letter

It is a fundamental quality of your scholarship motivation letter that decides your stand. A personal yet professional approach is the best when writing a motivation letter. Though the letter is about you, but it is to be addressed for a professional purpose and to a professional audience therefore adequate professional etiquettes should be taken care of.

Stay Optimistic and Genuine: it helps

It is your original and optimistic writing which can create an impression upon the minds of reader regarding your personality.

Proofreading for Errors

The last and final step is the one that includes revision of your work so as to eliminate all reckless errors. Ask your friends to read out your letter. They can give you better ideas, as well as can catch up hidden mistakes. Reframe and organize your letter in the best way after taking the suggestions from sundries.

Remember it is the letter that describes your true personality to the reader.



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