Who Sleep Better Men Or Women?


    Who Sleep Better this days?


    1. Who sleep better: women or men?

      💤 In a new study, researchers unveiled insights into the sleep health of middle-aged and older adults in Canada 🇨🇦, identifying social determinants that contribute to disparities in sleep satisfaction, efficiency, and duration.

      ❗️🚹😴🚺 The study revealed that men report sleeping better than women, and women report lower sleep satisfaction and efficiency compared to men. This disparity persisted across different sociodemographic backgrounds.

      👵👨‍🦳 Contrary to previously held beliefs, the study found that sleep actually improves with age – older adults (aged 65 and above) reported better overall sleep health compared to people from 45 to 65 years old.

      💰🏡 Socioeconomic factors like income level and homeownership also had an impact on sleep. Higher socioeconomic status also emerged as a significant predictor of better sleep health. Individuals with higher income levels, those who are retired and homeowners reported better sleep quality.


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