What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life? The concept of Cognitive Bandwidth.


    So, what is cognitive bandwidth ?

    We have a limited amount of mental capacity when we rise each morning. And as we give our attention to various activities – our work, news, social media, workout, reading, talking, we leave bits of our focus on each activity we pursue.

    You must have noticed we are far less productive when we are constantly interrupting ourselves by shifting from one task to another throughout the day because we leave valuable pieces of our attention on too many different pursuits.

    Solution: Work on high value activity at a time instead of relentlessly multitasking and prioritize things accordingly for the day. If you are grabbing your phone and scrolling social media as soon as you wake up, you are diffusing your cognitive bandwidth and hence your concentration for more important tasks such as : work, study, reading books or any other thing.

    I try to refrain from using social media as much as I can in between my work and study.

    Start your day with a high priority and productive task 🙂

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