In a 14-hour flight, what do pilots do when they are free?


    A 14-hour flight is considered a long-haul flight, which means it requires more than one pilot to operate the aircraft safely and efficiently. Typically, a long-haul flight will have at least two pilots, sometimes three or four, depending on the airline and the regulations of the country where the flight originates.

    During a long-haul flight, pilots have scheduled breaks, which can last several hours. These breaks allow them to rest, eat, and refresh before continuing their journey. On some aircraft, there are special crew rest areas, which are separate from the passenger cabin and have beds, seats, and entertainment systems. On other aircraft, pilots may use the same seats as passengers or business class seats that can recline fully.

    When pilots are not on their breaks, they can chat with each other, listen to music, read books or magazines, or watch movies on their personal devices. However, they must always remain alert and attentive to the flight conditions and communicate with the cabin crew. They must also monitor the weather, fuel consumption, engine performance, and other instruments and systems of the aircraft.

    Pilots also have to follow certain rules and regulations regarding their free time activities. For example, they cannot drink alcohol or take any drugs that can impair their judgment or reaction time. They also cannot sleep or nap in the cockpit. They also have to limit their exposure to radiation and noise, which can affect their health and well-being.

    So pilots have some free time on a 14-hour flight, but they also have many responsibilities and duties that require their attention and concentration. They have to balance their work and rest to ensure a safe and smooth flight for themselves and their passengers.

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