Public Health Fellowships : Opportunities for Health Policy Makers


Public Health Fellowships : Opportunities for Health Policy Makers

A fellowship in public health is an open medium to support people in the field of medicine who come from developed and developing countries. This public health fellowship supports researchers who have just begun their research careers in the field of public health and tropical medicine.

EzoicPublic health fellowships are rewarded to the researchers who aim and base their work of research for bringing out new developments in tropical medicine and improving public health on national as well as international fronts.

The topics of research generally covered under these public health fellowship programs include an array of health disorders. It also includes researches for both the communicable and non communicable diseases.

Areas Under Public Health Fellowship Program

Ezoic– Population studies
– Social and demographic studies
– Economic health studies
– Prevalence and incidence rate studies to measure the load of chronic and contagious health disorders.
– Various health clinical trials conducted globally
– Factors responsible for disease vulnerability and its overall resistance
-Protection or levels of immunity in vectors or normal hosts.

Public health fellowship is an award for excellence in medical careers and is aimed at motivating researchers to build up acceptable capacity in the prominent areas of medical research. These public health fellowships have a global prospective and they are directed to benefit the public health of the people and livestock of middle and low income counties.


What’s included? / Advantages of the Fellowship

The fellowship generally lasts for a period of one to three years. It supports the researchers in the following manner:

-Fellowship provides a basic salary amount to the researchers
-All types of research expenses are covered under the fellowship program
-Whatever justified training expenses which are appropriate are included
-Researchers get help to attend meetings and seminars

Since the public health fellowship is aimed to improve global health conditions there are various overseas allowances that are provided to the researchers for the training period and their stay anywhere out of their home country.


Opportunities and Eligibility Section

The fellowship program opens up number of opportunities for the researchers who cannot take up the work of research owing to financial conditions. Since the program is seconded by most of the developed and developing countries of the world, it has got an international recognition. The person as a researcher gets plenty to dedicate his work for the betterment of health conditions of people in general.

The eligibility for the fellowship requires a person to be:
-A graduate in medicine or related subjects that can be covered in the field of tropical medicine or public health say (biomedical or social science, veterinary medicine, physics, chemistry or mathematics).
-He / she can also be a medical graduate

Supervision and Sponsorships

Before finally admitting a student into this fellowship program there is a rigorous supervision made regarding applicants’ belongingness to a country.

Scope of public health fellowships

Mainly, grants are provided to the students in the form of public health fellowships. Being international in nature it provides immense opportunities for the medical students to serve as doctors without borders. Students can take the advantage of numerous opportunities available through their fellowship program.

The fellowship program has got specific scope of work in the context of public health that has a global application. It is formally known that the scope of public health and medicine is fast emerging and it requires an interdisciplinary approach.


Available International and National Public Health Fellowships

Various Public Health Fellowships are available worldwide for the students to overcome their financial hurdles. These can be tracked as follows:

Master’s Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Intermediate Fellowships for Clinicians and Public Health Researchers in India
Association of Schools of Public Health Fellowships
Edinburgh Global Health Academy Master’s Scholarship
Curtin University School of Public Health fellowships
Boston University School of Public Health Fellowships
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Fellowship

Public health fellowships are thus a wonderful opportunity available to medical students to support and enhance their career in the best way they desire. The student can choose amongst the various types of scholarships available both nationally and internationally and can shape his/her career accordingly.



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