MSc Finance At German Universities


MSc Finance At German Universities

Germany has recently become the hub for international students to pursue their education, especially at the post graduate level. There are many prominent German Universities and institutions in Germany offering Master’s degree in various specializations, with top-notch faculty. There is a substantial demand for Masters in Finance as there are many career options that can be pursued after completing the course successfully. Every industry needs to manage its finances and therefore there is a high demand for professionals who have extensive knowledge of the field. If you are looking to pursue a Master in Finance in Germany, here are some of the top-notch institutes in Germany offering this specialization.

EBS Business School

EzoicFinancial services are the heart of the economy, and are a difficult and challenging field. The masters program at EBS has been designed to provide students with expert knowledge about the field so that they can apply it in their respective careers.

-Program: The program begins in September and is divided into 3 semesters. The first two semesters are spent at the EBS campus while the third semester requires you to spend time abroad in compulsory internship. The Master’s thesis is to be written between the second and third semesters with inputs from companies from the financial sector.

-Dual Degree: EBS gives the opportunity to pursue an international degree at one of the partner universities abroad. However, for this students are required to extend their stay abroad further by one more semester and earn dual degrees.

EzoicScholarships and Grants: EBS offers financial assistance to students in the form of scholarships and grants. The EBS Scholarship Program offers assistance to those students who excel academically but are unable to pay the tuition fees. Other scholarships include, Vodaphone Chancen Scholarship, Votum Foundation, Paula-Seipel Scholarship, and Peter Horvaith Foundation.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


The internationally recognized Master of Finance program at the university has some of the best finance experts teaching highly motivated students. The curriculum is very flexible, and students can choose different time models so that if needed, students can pursue work while studying.


-Time Models: the 3 day model allows students to pursue the course only thrice a week while doing self-study or work part time. Alternatively, students can also choose the fast-track option wherein the course is taught for the whole week and also lets students take two elective modules of the 4th semester in the previous one.

-Accreditation: The Master of Finance program was the first one to be offered by Frankfurt School and is one of the biggest programs till date. This program received accreditation and re-accreditation by the Foundation of International Business Administration Association (FIBAA) in the years 2001, 2005 and 2010. It has been featured as the world’s top ranking business school by the Financial Times. It is ranked at 27 in the Master of Finance list by the Financial Times.

-Scholarships: Frankfurt school offers 3 scholarships each year to deserving students. 50% of the fees are waived for scholarship holders. Students in the Risk management concentration can also receive the Scholarships for Risk Management Concentration wherein 25% of the tuition fees are waived.

WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management –Vallender

This College receives support from the WHU Foundation and the school is well known for its links with the corporate world. According to the Spiegel Rankings 2006, it is considered as one of the best business schools in Germany.

-Program: The program consists of a challenging curriculum that helps students to understand the nitty-gritty of international financial sectors. The program also consists of an integrated Study abroad program. There are more than 195 international partner universities from whom students can benefit and learn new methodologies, culture and customs. Out of 120 credits, one semester is spent studying abroad.

-Double Degree: One of the special highlights of the school is the double degree program wherein students can earn a full degree from one of the partner universities abroad. Students have to merely study an extra semester abroad to earn an extra degree along with the Master of Finance degree from WHU.

Scholarships/ Aid: Reduced tuition is offered to deserving students but with financial difficulties. In Praxi-Women in Business Scholarship is offered to qualified women facing financial difficulties.  Apart from these scholarships, many more financing options are available to students.

University of Ulm

This is a public university and was founded in 1967.The master in Finance is a 2 year program and has a total of 4 semesters. The course includes mathematics, applied mathematics, finance and insurance.

-Program: Out of the 4 semesters, three semesters are spent in coursework while one semester is given for writing the master’s thesis. Students have the liberty to choose after the first semester whether they wish to specialize in financial mathematics, financial economics or actuarial science.

-Financing: The University enjoys government subsidies and therefore the tuition fees are waived. Presently, an administrative fee of 154 Euros is charged per semester. Furthermore, the University also allows students to work as research assistants or teach in order to make extra earnings. In case of scholarships, students need to check the database of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).  The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship is a national scholarship program awarded by University of Ulm which is awarded only after students start studying at the University.

Berlin School of Economics and Law 

The Master in International Finance program has been designed for those students who are interested in learning international finance with a multi-disciplinary approach. A Bachelor’s degree is a must to pursue this course. The program has received Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation.

Program: The course is a full-time 3 semester course and 4 semesters for those students   who have to complete a placement. The first two semesters consist of in-depth studies while the third one is for researching as well as writing the thesis.


Finance: Approximately 270 € per semester is charged for the course. German resident students can apply for BAfÖG grant while international students can apply for DAAD grant.

Nürtingen-Geislingen University

Students pursuing this program will be able to learn about international financial systems and attain an internationally recognized master’s degree. The Master of Science International Finance Program constitutes of 3 semesters.

Program: Out of 3 semesters, 1 semester is to be spent abroad at an affiliate university. The program begins in October. The coursework lasts approximately 2 years. Alternatively students can also choose to earn a double degree by spending semesters 1 and 2 at Nürtingen-Geislingen University while semester 3 and 4 at a University abroad.

Technical University of Munich

This University offers an elite masters program in Finance and Information Management in conjunction with Universität Augsburg. The program is offered within the program of Elite Network of Bavaria wherein gifted and ambitious students are provided with the opportunity to pursue internationally focused programs.

Program: Students can choose their major and thesis topics and then decide on their electives in the 3rd semester. Core subjects are taught in the first and second semesters. The final semester is set aside for thesis preparation and writing.

Germany has some of the best Master in Finance programs and the above information will help you locate them.




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