Free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)


Free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Do you wish to pursue higher studies further but do not have the time and energy to go for a full time course in a reputed university? Be familiar with the concept of MOOC or Massive Open Online Course which has become quite popular in the US in recent times and is gradually getting accepted in the well known universities of UK as well.

EzoicMOOC is a set of university approved online courses that are open to everyone worldwide and the candidates can complete it within few weeks through university materials posted over the internet. It is considered to be a recent development taking place in distance education with significant modifications in execution.

Features of MOOC

With concepts like MOOC, higher education has nowadays become more accessible and flexible for an increasing number of candidates. You don’t have to dedicate time to attend lectures physically which becomes impossible amidst a busy working schedule.

EzoicInstead, he/she can register in the MOOC courses and can get the materials like texts, videos and sets of problems, posted online that too paying almost nothing. You only need to have an access to the internet to access the resources. There are no entry criteria and the courses being “Open”, and “Massive”, anyone can join them and there is no limit to the availability of the seats, just like the full time university courses. You as a successfully enrolled candidate can also interact with your fellow students through online discussion boards and forums exclusively created for these courses.

One of the key features of MOOC is the open licensing of study materials and content, and a complete free access of the same for the enrolled candidates. You can also expect video based interaction with experts and other peers, as well as a group, and can also get automated feedbacks of the online assessments that include several examinations and quizzes.


MOOC Candidates

-MOOC is best suitable for those professionals who wish to pursue further studies but can’t afford to go for regular classes.
-If you are one of those students who stay in one part of the world but wish to study in some other part of the globe, but cannot relocate due to several constraints.
-For professors working in reputed university, MOOC can open the opportunity to get the online materials which they can get during their courses and can later provide them to their own students with significant modifications.
-Sometimes it is useful for college or school dropouts as well as for homemakers who can never join a university due to lack of proper qualification.

Advantages of MOOC

-MOOC is Open for all, and no specific entry requirements, so you can join the courses from anywhere in the world, if you have a proper internet connection at home/office.
-MOOC allows you to study independently as per your convenience, so there is no fixed time for academic sessions.
-You can get a wide range of courses to study and can select as per your preference. You don’t need any prior degree related to that subject.
-You can get associated to a set of prestigious universities OF USA, UK, Asia and Europe through MOOC and can obtain a certificate for the accomplishment on the successful completion of the MOOC.
-You can choose the appropriate courses through MOOC as a top of for their skills and thus enhance your competencies to get an edge over the others.
-The MOOC courses are short in duration and can be learnt within few weeks with a nominal effort from your side as a student.


Disadvantages of MOOC:

-Don’t expect a degree from MOOC like your graduation or post graduation from a reputed university. Only a certificate will be issued from the university.
-If you have a professional or a graduate degree, MOOC on a particular subject within or outside your domain can enhance your knowledge. Problems may occur if you do not have a conventional degree and wish to apply for top position in corporate or academics relying upon those certificates only.
-You need to clear your doubts through the online forums and discussion panels. No tutors would clear the confusion like the classroom courses.
-You need to be proficient with computer and must have a basic knowledge on how to surf the internet.
-If you are doing MOOC from a foreign university, the content might differ from your culture and educational system which you have to accept and appreciate.

Universities offering MOOC all across the Globe:

Duke University in USA offers around 500 courses in MOOC along with Peking University in China and Amsterdam University of Netherlands.
edX, created by the collaboration of MIT and Harvard University’s offer MOOC with partners like Georgetown university of USA, and Australian National University.
UDEMY and UDACITY in partnership with Georgia Institute of technology.
MOOEC, launched by university of Queensland and Griffith University.
Edukart in India
Coursera, an online learning platform that associates with apex universities and organizations globally.


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