Executive MBA Review for S.P. Jain Management Institute


Executive MBA Review for S.P. Jain Management Institute

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The needs of the corporate world are constantly changing with every passing year. Many corporate firms are now shifting towards selecting a candidate with industry experience, rather than a fresher.


EzoicThis is where the customized SP Jain Executive MBA Program comes in, through which 44 batches have successfully passed out in the past decade.

S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research

Management programs from S. P. Jain Institute (SPJIMR- S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research) are well recognized across the world. To cater to the needs of the modern employee, this institute has a 21-month Executive MBA program to equip candidates with the necessary skills required in a modern organisation. In order to select these candidates, the institute has tied up with many “Partner companies.” The objective of this program is to prepare candidates for shouldering general management responsibilities that can be undertaken at the basic business unit level.


EzoicS.P. Jain B-School looks for candidates with an industry experience of 5+ years. Participants need to be high potential, functionally qualified working executives with a graduation degree. The advantage of such a degree is that working executives can work concurrently, without leaving their respective jobs. This program is one of the only two programs which are accredited by international education-editing body AMBA, in London. Participants need to be resident on campus for 9 days in every quarter for 7 quarters.

Every partner company has the option of staggering its schedule over 4 batches a year. Each batch consists of 50 candidates belonging to a diverse group of industries. A batch is run in every quarter and the program is also applicable to self-funded applicants.


Teaching Experience

Each individual faculty at S.P. Jain Management Institute has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. They also travel abroad for gaining additional insights and exposure in best practices. Thus the faculty is able to impart knowledge with a balanced view of what is really seen at the corporate level.

The Learning Experience

The interaction for 9 days in every quarter, for a candidate, would be with mature candidates close to 30 years of age. Every person gets a lot to learn from each other, during the course. Therefore, it automatically elevates the level of classroom discussions and case study analysis. Candidates would have already handled several live situations and would be in a great position to understand the course of action, as against the fresher who may not be able to imagine the same.

Three progressive specializations and a high quality dissertation help in elevating the acumen of candidates. The assignments are vital for them to thoroughly understand their respective industries in detail. Work can be performed in a way that certainly brings out credible results, positively adding to the Resume of a candidate.


Throughout the Executive MBA program and later, candidates get the chance to network with a number of industry leaders. From time to time, a variety of informative seminars are held, which give candidates a chance to interact with industry leaders.

It is the network of S.P. Jain which allows management to get in touch with successful business leaders of the world. Each leader is an entire learning experience in himself or herself.

S P Jain School of Global Management


Having Accreditation by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia S P Jain School of Global Management is raked 5 in Asia by Forbes under Best International Business Schools 2013.

With the latest Global Management programs, S.P. Jain has institutes at international locations such as Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. The candidate can choose which institute he or she wants to enrol with, for the Executive MBA. So in addition to the course learning, a candidate also goes through a cross-cultural experience.

For the purpose of enrollment, if a candidate is looking to clarify his or her doubts before enrollment, he or she can participate in interactive sessions. Yes, S.P. Jain holds interactive sessions for individuals who wish to gain an insight into the program. Date, time and venue details are regularly mentioned on the website. There are no charges to attend such sessions and candidates can also bring along their parents or relatives.



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