CPA Exam For International Students


CPA Exam For International Students

Do you have a degree of Accountant and aspire to become a CPA? Well, if your answer is affirmative, you will be applauded for your decision to embark on this complicated, yet achievable task. Now, it is possible for candidates to become a CPA for international students, however it can be tricky indeed, especially to navigate around the most difficult CPA exam requirements.


EzoicThough accounting graduates students have several career options, but most of the students prefer to go further with their education and opt for higher degrees, including master’s degree or CPA designation for international students.

What is CPA?

Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a respectable designation which is mainly reserved for account graduates who successfully complete their CPA Exam. This designation illustrates an expertise in the domain of accounting. To become a CPA for international students, the applicant must hold a bachelor degree in accounts and pass CPA exam and even need to meet the specific state’s requirements like, years of work experience and furthered education. CPA allows the account graduates to offer their services to international students and general public.

Things You will Require to Qualify for CPA Exam

-Bachelor degree or above
-Course work in business & accounting
-2-3 years of working experience (in most cases)

Easiest Ways to Qualify and Pass the CPA Exam

Fulfill the Education Requirement

EzoicRemember, the requirements and eligibility criterion to become a CPA for international students are set the Board of Accountancy of the country you belong. Moreover, to make things more difficult, the rules and requirements are slightly different in each jurisdiction. But, the basic requirements are a Bachelor degree or above from accredited university and 1-2 years of experience. If the applicant holds a degree from a university outside the jurisdiction, then they need to have their record appraised by the foreign credentials evaluation agency.

Appear for Uniform CPA Exam


If you fulfill the eligibility criteria to become a CPA for international students, then you must appear for uniform CPA Exam. CPA exam is computer based exam which is a compressive coverage of business, accounting, and audit. Applicant must score at least 75% or above to successfully pass the exam. Candidates scoring less than 50 percent are not honored with CPA designation as they fail the exam. Applicant must check out the different CPA exam review courses which are either available as live classes or in self study format.


Take the CPA Ethics Exam

CPA Ethics Exam is a zephyr just after the Uniform CPA exam. It is basically an eleven hour self study course that covers the concepts, like the Sarbene-Oxley Act and Independence. Students may also retake this exam if required within one year.

Gain Relevant Working Experience

This is another complicated part for students who want to become CPA for international students. The applicants must have at least 1-2 years of work experience and their experience should be verified or supervised by any present CPA license holder. In case your boss is not a practicing CPA currently, then you need select a state which only requires CPA to verify, but not to supervise. There are few two-tier states where CPA certified is granted to students without any experience. But, they are restricted to do what a certified CPA license holder can do.

Meet the CPE Requirements

Once you become a certified CPA for International Students, it is the time to take certain Continuing Professional Education hours (CPE) so as to maintain your CPA license. Students may simply take self-study courses easily which is available online at AICPA.

Best of Luck!


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