Career Prospects In Population Studies


Career Prospects In Population Studies

Presently, there are various courses available in different fields. Students are now looking forward to take up new and quite different courses compared to traditional courses. One such is the Population Science, also called as population studies. Every year, July 11 is celebrated as World Population Day, but many don’t know that there is a separate course to learn about population. Population study is a social science which encompasses the study of innovative measures involved in dealing with the different aspects of population growth. Individual taking up this course for advance degree have a better job opportunity.


What Exactly Population Science or Study Is?

EzoicPopulation Science is also known as study of demography, where various facts of human populations are collected and analyzed for demographic data. By studying various factors, it helps in identifying and resolving population issues, including public health, migration and other such concerns. Moreover, it also helps government to plan in areas of health, education, housing and welfare.

There is a lot of job opportunity in this field. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job growth for sociologists was expected to increase by 15% for the period 2012-2022, especially for holders of master’s or doctoral degrees Demographers also have to work with data census to provide descriptive details forming the basis of population studies. These facts are well organized for analyze and eventually used for policy making. In many countries along with India, students are now taking interest on getting into this field. Universities and private institutes are now offering both degree and PG courses.

Educational Information


The population science is mainly offered along with Sociology programs. Most courses are offered at graduate level and more in certificate program. The course covers various segments like quantitative methods, population processes and sociological theories. Some of the degree programs related to this field are:

Ezoic-Bachelor of Science in Sociology
-Master of Public Affairs
-Master Degree in Cultural Anthropology
-Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
-Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies Moreover, the course is also offered for working professionals through online formats.

Universities in both India and overseas offer distance learning course:


-Online Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology
-Online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration
-Online Master’s Degree in Sociology
-Online Master’s Degree in Economics
-Online Degree Programs in Cultural Anthology

Requirements From Students Taking Up This Field

Students taking up this course should be aware about the ability or the working nature the field demands. One needs to be strong in mathematics and statistics, more importantly on demographic research. Apart from these, there is a list of things that one needs to know or be ready to do:

-Defining the data
-Scanning of vast research materials gathered through nationwide census
-Analyzing and Forecasting the collected data -Should be good logical thinking,
-Ability to travel various place, especially remote areas
-Private organizations
-Market research companies
-Web based research and analysis outfits
-Media communication
-Social welfare organizations

Some Of The Potential Jobs Available In This Market Are


-Market Risk Analyst
-Public Affairs Officer
-Research Scientist

Institutes & Universities Offering Courses In Population Science

There are institutes and universities in India and abroad offer different level courses in Population Science.

International Institute for Population Science

Located in Mumbai, it serves as regional Institute for  Training and Research in Population Studies. Established in the year 1956, it a deemed university designated by HRD. The institute offers Master of Population Studies (MPS), M.Phil and Ph.D in population studies.  Moreover, the institute also conducts short term courses for professionals in India and Overseas. Courses offered are: Master of Population Studies, M.Phil in Population Studies, M.A/M.Sc Programme in Population Studies and  MPS (Distance Learning).

Brown University

This is the oldest university in United States and offers independent courses consisting of more than 2,000 courses with 40 different departments.  The Population Studies & Training Center was established in 1965, offering excellent graduate training program. Our center receives financial support from an NICHD Population Center infrastructure grant, NICHD training and  research grant, Hewlett Population training grant, the University.

Harvard University

This university that ranks 8th by Forbes and offers courses and conducts trainings for Program on Global Demography of Aging. The university also offers Postdoctoral Training which includes RWJF Health & Society Scholars Program, Mortimer Scholars Program and Bell Fellowships. The university also offers funding programs designed to foster innovative research projects in the areas of population sciences and population health. Two funding programs are RWJF Health & Society Scholars Seed Grant Program and PGDA Pilot Project Program.


University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg

The university offers Wits Programme in Democracy and Population with research work that helps students to explore human population relations, structure and distributions. The programme intends to (i) provide the much needed demographic capacity and skill-base in South Africa (ii) produce students that are well-qualified in the analysis and interpretation of demographic data and events.

Bharathiar University

Started in 1986, the department of population studies offers course in M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes. The department largely focuses on its research activity in the areas of reproductive and sexual health of young men, ageing and economic aspects of population. There are many other universities and institutes that offer this course through various subjects. Through this course, students will be given in-depth and field knowledge about the program.



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