Boston University MBA : Give Wings to Your Business Career


Boston University MBA : Give Wings to Your Business Career

Boston University School of Management marked its 100th anniversary last year in September. This is the first university to admit women and starting an MBA in 1925. The management school was earlier the founder of many research institutes. This was the very first institute to start specific curricula. They created the Center for Team Learning, and started the high tech dual degrees like MS, MBA. These were the very first business degrees started by this institute. They use to teach the entrepreneurial studies, but these studies got their formal name very late.


EzoicThis is the university that educates leaders. The leaders then contribute to the various organizations, their communities, etc. The curricula have the three most important sectors of the economy. These include energy and the environment, digital technology and health. The institute optimizes the business education in order to meet the fast changing technology all over the world.

Executive Programs

There are graduates, undergraduates and executive programs available in the institute. The average GMAT score needed to enter the school is 682. The executive MBA program got 30th rank in the world on Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2013 Best Executive MBA Programs’ list. The curriculum is graded as A+ globally. The curriculum consists of 5 modules and they have to be completed in 18 months. The program can be searched and any other information can be found at the institute’s website.

Graduate Programs

EzoicThe graduate school of management offer MBA, Masters in Information Systems, MS in Investment Management, etc. The students seeking admission in the graduate school of management can apply online. There are a number of graduate programs available in the institute.


Two-year MBA programs

Most of the programs in the institute are full time. The program offers two year MBA, two-year MS-MBA, Health Sector MBA and Public &non profit MBA.

Professional Evening MBA Programs

The curriculum followed by the evening programs are the same as the full time programs. Same faculty teaches the students of evening programs. The program offers Professional Evening MBA, Healthector MBA and Public & non profit MBA.


Dual Degrees

The institute offers 10 programs in this Dual degree is a combination of programs. Admissions to these programs require separate admissions by the institute and the specific school of that program.

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral programs include a PhD in Management and PhD in Mathematical Finance. 

Undergraduate Programs 

There are 48% women, 39% minorities and 25% of international students studying at this institute. You can start your management career with the undergraduate programs available in the institute. The programs start with decoding the annual report. By the year, the student starts writing the business plan for a product.

The outstanding students are selected through the honors program. Studying abroad is the main component of the undergraduate programs. The students can gain international experience along with the business education given in the school. The qualified students can choose to study abroad for a semester or for a year and can gain more management experience from there.


EzoicThe students can try out their skills by going into internships. The most popular dual degrees available in the institute are Economics, International Relations and Communications. The members of faculty  are experienced researchers and investment market experts. Inventors and Entrepreneurs are also included in the faculty of the school.

The environment of the school is very exciting. The institute holds 130 full time faculties in the school. The students can enjoy thousands of annual publications. There are five research centers at the institute. The students can also enjoy a number of seminars at the seminar department that are organized in every semester. The application requirements can vary from program to program.


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